The Metropolitan Nursery School is fortunate to have a wonderful, highly-experienced  staff, some with decades in the nursery school profession.  Teachers and administrators meet the standards and criteria set forth by the District of Columbia's Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE).  


Kristen Maxson, Director

Orange Class:

Susan Barnes

Kristin Weber

Red Class:

Wendy Reyes

Amy Elliott

Yellow and Blue Classes:

Molly Broder

Julie Josephs

Lauren Buckley

Purple Class:

Courtney Severe

Gillian Zinngrebe

Green Class:

Karen Swagart

Marie Walsh


Sharon Bavin

Director of Christian Education:

Janet Craswell

Employment Opportunities

Metropolitan Nursery School provides competitive salaries for part-time positions based on educational background and experience. Our school is accessible to Metro and bus routes and we also offer free parking to staff.  To be considered for openings, please send resume and cover letter to Employment Office, Metropolitan Nursery School.