“Do the children play outdoors?”

We follow a play-based curriculum and we believe outdoor play is vital to learning.  Our newly-renovated playground is a highpoint of our day at school.  The children play outside year-round; we ask that parents send weather-appropriate clothing.

“What is your average class size?”

Our classes average 13 children but classes can range from 11 children in the 2-year old program to 18 children in the 4-year old program.

“What are the school hours?”

Our core program runs from 9am-12noon daily.  Beginning at age three, the children stay for lunch until 12:30pm.  Our four-year-olds have the option to stay until 2:45pm Monday-Thursday.  Additionally, we offer three optional Extended Day opportunities: an Early Morning Drop off program for all children (8:15-9am daily), Enrichment Programs (12:30-1:30pm Monday - Thursday) for three and four-year-olds, and Stay & Play (12:30pm-2:45pm Monday- Thursday) for three-year-olds. 

“How old does my child need to be to start at Metropolitan?”

Children must be two by August 31st to participate in our two-year-old program.  Children must be three by November 30th to participate in our three-year-old program.  Children must be four by September 1st to participate in our four-year-old program.

“Do you offer any special programs throughout the week for the children?”

We have both a movement class and music class weekly for all classes.  We also have annual special visitors including the Fire Department, a dentist, and a Native American music program around Thanksgiving. 

“Is there a religious component to your program?”

Our classes attend a short weekly chapel service.  Chapel includes stories and songs with our Director of Children’s Ministries.

“How are admissions decisions made?”

Admissions decisions are based on a lottery with priority given to National United Methodist Church members.  All applications received by noon on February 1st are eligible for the lottery.  Admissions decisions are sent via email by March 1st and all applicants will be notified with either an offer for placement or a spot on our wait list. 

“Do you offer any programs for parents?”

We routinely invite parent educators to speak to our parents about important topics.

“How can I help my child adjust to school?”

Many children and parents have a difficult time adjusting to school in the beginning.  You can help your child by talking about school and what his or her day will be like.  Mention all the fun and exciting things that will happen at school.  Your child will feel more secure about your leaving if you keep your good-byes short and routine.  The teachers will do what they can to see that your child feels safe and will call if he or she does not adjust.  Please feel free to call the office to check on your child’s progress.

“What are your emergency procedures?”

At Metropolitan Nursery School, the safety and well-being of children and staff is our number one priority.  All DC schools are required to have a place they can go to in the event of emergency evacuation.  Our site is Horace Mann Elementary School, located across the street from the school.  The church basement is a very safe place as well and is stocked with all necessary items for an evacuation site, including water, snacks, and first aid kits.

The school has established written emergency procedures that staff will follow in a variety of emergency situations.  Teachers have been trained in these procedures, and they keep a copy in their classrooms.  Parents may review the emergency procedures at any time.

 “Can parents volunteer at school?”

We welcome parent involvement.  Parents have opportunities to provide support to their child’s classroom.  They include, but are not limited to, serving as a room parent, volunteering for fundraising and family events, and providing class parties to celebrate holidays.  We have family activities throughout the year, which provide excellent opportunities to get to know other families.  We invite parents to share their professions with the children as well as any creative ideas you may have for the teachers.  Parents are also welcome to visit their child’s classroom at any time.

“What is your policy on discipline?”

Positive discipline and redirection is the focus at Metropolitan Nursery School.  We recognize at this young age that much misbehavior is based on a child’s limited repertoire of skills and knowledge. We work with the children and families to grow those skills. In some instances, a child may be asked to step out of the classroom circle for cool-down time to allow him/her to collect themselves before re-entering the social environment of the class.  A caring adult remains with the child at all times and we never withhold outside play time or snack, as we recognize these two things to be integral in helping children maintain their stamina and mood.

Parents are to address issues and concerns regarding discipline with their child’s teachers.  If they feel that their concerns are not appropriately addressed, they are asked to take their concerns to the Director.

In the case of a child experiencing chronic discipline issues, the teacher or Director will meet with parents of that child to discuss steps to ensure the child’s needs are met in a way to lessen the disruptive behavior. In the case of repeated misbehavior, we expect parents to be our partners as we work to come up with plans that will help the child be successful in the classroom. The Director, in consultation with the Nursery School Advisory Committee, has the authority to ask a student who is a physical danger to other children or themselves and whose parents are unwilling to work in collaboration with the school to withdraw from the nursery school.  Tuition will be prorated and the remaining balance for the school year will be refunded.  Our goal is always to create a warm, loving, and safe environment where all our students can grow and learn and be successful.