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Metropolitan Nursery School was founded in 1966 by the church as an outreach to the community. While the Nursery School has grown and changed since then, it has remained true to the philosophy that each child is unique and learns in his or her own way.

Positive, supportive relationships are our primary focus—we know that is what is needed for good growth and learning throughout life, and especially during these important and busy years of development. Our nurturing and experienced staff provide an environment rich with materials, language, and opportunities needed for play and exploration and meet each child at their unique developmental stage of growth. We understand nursery school may be the child's first group education experience and we support their social and emotional growth by encouraging them to take risks, solve problems and gain trust and confidence in their own abilities while learning to recognize the abilities and talents of those around them. We also support the growth and education of young children by sharing our educational knowledge and offering compassion and understanding to our families. We recognize parents and caregivers as important partners and participants in their child’s growth and development and strive to create opportunities for everyone to feel connected and supported. We believe every person is worthy of love and understanding and capable of infinite growth.

I invite you to visit our school during one of our open houses to witness the joy that is nursery school education and experience the magic that is Metropolitan.


Kristen Maxson